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Day Hikes

Central Oregon Favorite Destinations


Here’s your unique opportunity to enjoy a gourmet lunch, walk with a llama and enjoy the wonderful scenery of Central Oregon! Catered day hikes are available throughout the year (weather permitting). Call us and we will set up your own personalized hike. We will provide a gourmet lunch, and the llamas to carry our gear. The day hikes are designed for all ages and skill levels. They are easy to moderate in difficulty. Hiking with llamas allows the hiker to walk at a comfortable pace and enjoy the beauty that surrounds them.




$75 per person (minimum 2 people),

$25 per child 6-12 years

under 6 free



Three Sisters Wilderness

Historic Cabin




Little Three Creeks trail is an easy hike with great rewards. The trail is just outside the wilderness boundary.  A historic trapper/hiker cabin is the first of many rewarding sites on this hike.  It is a great photo “op” and worth a look.  The trail then heads into a lodgepole pine forest which changes to mountain hemlock and subalpine fir.  The trail follows a creek with an amazing display of wildflowers.  Meadows and creek banks are full of wildflowers on this hike.


Little Three Creeks Lake lies beneath scenic Tam McArthur rim.  There is an earthen dam at the north end of the lake with wildflower meadows around it .The west bank of the lake where we have lunch affords great views of the lake and the rim.


Distance: 5 miles roundtrip

Elevation Gain: 200’

Difficulty: Easy


 Tam McArthur Rim from Little Three Creeks Lake Little Three Creeks Lake

 Blow Lake



Here are two great high lakes for families with younger children. The climb from the trailhead is not too steep and Blow Lake, the closest, is 1.5 miles, one-way from the trailhead. Both Blow and Doris are big lakes for subalpine bodies of water. The trail climbs gradually through a dry forest of lodgepole pine, crossing over a couple of wooden bridges over the outlet creek of Blow Lake. Blow Lake comes into view shortly after the second bridge.  The shore of this lake is a nice place for a picnic.  There is even a small gravel beach suitable for water play. The trail between Blow and Doris lakes changes character, with higher elevation fir trees dominating. A stream chuckles along not far from the trail for most of the trip. The round-trip to Doris Lake is perfect for someone who wants to enjoy a wilderness experience without any long, arduous climbs or overnight time commitment.

Distance: Blow Lake 3 miles roundtrip

Distance: Doris Lake 4.8 miles roundtrip

Elevation gain: 400’

Difficulty: Easy


 Doris Lake Doris Lake

 Bristoh Lake


Bristoh is the first lake that you come to while hiking the Mirror Lake Trail.  The trail begins by going through an ancient lava flow surrounded by lodgepole pine and mountain hemlock.  It is a little over one mile to get to the lake.  You first see a large pond along the trail, but a short walk around the pond finds pretty Bristoh Lake nestled between the base of Kokostick Butte and a large rocky knoll.  If this is where you would like to stop, the lake is a nice place to have a picnic.  If you are not quite ready to stop, we can go back out to the main trail and head west again towards Mirror Lake.  After another mile and some unique lava rock outcroppings we go off trail towards the south through the forest for about fifteen minutes to a gorgeous little lake set up high in a bowl, Junco Lake.  This is a quiet serene setting for a great lunch stop.  South Sister peaks her head through the trees for a cameo view.


Distance: 5 miles roundtrip

Elevation gain: 400’

Difficulty: Easy to moderate




Junco Lake South Sisters View from Junco Lake

Soda Creek Trail


Soda Creek is one of the main streams which feeds beautiful Sparks Lake.  The trail is named for a hard-to-find soda spring along the creek. The banks and meadows along Soda Creek are mesmerizing by the variety of wildflowers and the sound of water cascading over rocks.  Hikers are treated to bunches of wildflowers growing in sunny meadows, the shade of old growth timber, interesting lava formations set in the sandy trails, a quiet stream in a sunny meadow at the foot of a mountain, and several waterfalls. This is a primitive trail with no footbridges over streams, thus requiring fords using the rocks and a hiker’s good balance.   The viewpoint, at our lunch spot, has a panoramic view of the valley below with Sparks Lake in the distance.

Distance: 6 miles roundtrip

Elevation Gain: 800'

Difficulty: Strenuous


Soda Creek

Soda Creek Falls

Mt. Jefferson Wilderness

Canyon Creek Falls


This loop trail is one of the easiest trails in the Mt. Jefferson Wilderness.  It is perfect for families and those that like to take their time.  Awe inspiring views of Three Fingered Jack, lush meadows and wildflowers are waiting for the hiker who visits these meadows.  You will see beaver ponds, several varieties of wildflowers, meadows, a 20’ waterfall and maybe even a rock climber scaling Three Fingered Jack.   

Distance: 4.5 miles roundtrip

Elevation Gain: 400'

Difficulty: Easy to moderate



The hike to Wasco Lake can be done in combination with the hike to Canyon Creek Meadows or by itself.  In combination, the hike is another .7 miles of easy hiking from Canyon Creek Falls to clear blue Wasco Lake. At the falls, hikers cross a log bridge, while the llamas will ford the creek  to continue on the trail to Wasco Lake.   The east side of Wasco Lake was burned in the 2003 B&B fire, but north and west sides still remain lush and green.  The north end of the lake offers a wonderful forested picnic area with giant boulders for children to play on.

Distance: 3.6 miles as an individual trip

Elevation Gain: 400'

Difficulty: Easy

Distance: 5.9 miles when hiked in combination with Canyon Creek Meadows loop trail


Mt. Jefferson

Three Finger Jack seen from Marion Lake


Fall colors galore!  This is a very popular trail.   Therefore, I highly recommend hiking here in September.  The fall colors are so vibrant at this time of year.  I can’t seem to put my camera down.  The trail goes through an amazing old growth forest and then begins to climb along a rocky trail to pretty Ann Lake.  The trail heads back into the forest where the stillness is deafening.   The llamas seem to understand the quiet.  Our destination is the beautiful Marion Lake.  We will have lunch on the shore where you will be treated to a stunning view of Three Fingered Jack.  Cameras are a must!


Distance: 6 miles roundtrip

Elevation Gain: 800'

Difficulty: Easy to Moderate


Marion Lake

Ann Lake

Deschutes River Trail


Deschutes River



If you want to immerse yourself in a subalpine pine forest where the air has a high-Cascades freshness, or to hike along a twisting, cold river brimming with trout, or be surrounded by miles of waiting-to-be-explored wilderness, or to sit on the river bank while eating your lunch, or to see eagles, osprey or red-tailed hawks grabbing a bite to eat right in front of you, then this hike is for you.  Chipmunks and squirrels can be seen scurrying around the forest amidst many varieties of wildflowers such as yarrow, lupine, desert paintbrush and penstemmon.  This hike is great for children, grandparents, families and those who just want some outdoor time with not a lot of exertion. Note: there are several trails in the park to choose from.  We will help pick the hike best suited for you.


Distance: 3 mile round trip

Elevation Gain: None

Difficulty: Easy



Fall River






On this hike, you will get to view two distinctively different rivers, a waterfall, wildlife, flowers and the magic of hiking with llamas. The trail begins by taking you east along the Deschutes River with views of Paulina Peak.  The first lunch stop is in an expansive meadow overlooking the Deschutes River and an old log cabin.  The trail then heads north and soon takes you very close to the confluence of Fall River and the Deschutes River.  At this point hikers are treated to their first sight of the protected wild and scenic Fall River.  In the meadows, one can see the petite, wild strawberry flowers and pert, shiny Buttercups .   The trail continues through the Ponderosa Pine forest while winding along the crystal clear waters of Fall River.   At the 3 mile mark, the sound of the rushing waters of a 10’ waterfall penetrates the stillness of the forest.  This is a definite photo op.  Be sure to bring your cameras!


Distance: 3-6 mile round trip

Elevation Gain: None

Difficulty: Easy





Fall River Falls

Deschutes River



Smith Rock State Park

Smith Rock



If you enjoy scenic views of deep river canyons or rock climbing this is the hike for you.  Majestic rock spires of hardened volcanic ash tower over the Crooked River as it winds its way through a canyon dug through many years of rushing water.  River Otters, beavers, soaring eagles, waterfowl, and deer call this canyon their home.  World renowned for awesome rock climbing, climbers can be seen year round scaling the cliffs. The hike takes you down from the basalt rim to the canyon floor where the Canyon Trail meanders along the river.  Wildflowers, eagles’ nests, critters, and rock formations, caused by water, and wind, are bountiful. Your specially prepared lunch will be served along the river under a uniquely shaped Ponderosa Pine.   Get your cameras dusted off, because the perfect outdoor picture is waiting for you in this park.


Distance: 4 miles round trip

Elevation gain: 200 ft.

Difficulty:  Easy to moderate


Crooked River

Comet at Smith Rock

          One of Many Unique Rock Formations

Resident Wildlife


(Trips maybe subject to change depending on weather and fire conditions)

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